About RMCC

The Radiation Measurement Cross Calibration (RMCC) project was established in 2002 with a view to improve and develop regional standards for laboratory analytical radiation measurement capabilities in the Arab world.

Detecting the presence of radioactive sources, preventing the illicit use of radiological materials,
responding to accidental radiation releases, and disposing of radioactive sources safely are
common cernerns in the Middle East. RMCC's goal is to increase the region’s indigenous
capacity to competently address such issues.

RMCC provides many benefits to regional laboratories

  •   A platform for increased communication among radiological laboratories and experts.
  •   Training on relevant topics such as laboratory management, quality assurance, radiochemistry, mass spectrometry, and gamma spectroscopy.
  •   Discussion of radiological measurement challenges. 
  •   Building confidence by encouraging transparency, improved data sharing, reliability and acceptance.
  •   Participation in the Mixed Analyte Proficiency Evaluation Program (MAPEP), which provides samples of soil, water, air filters, and vegetation spiked with known trace amounts of radioisotopes to      each participating laboratory with the purpose of improving measurement readings.
  •   Participation in the annual workshops, which include host-country laboratory tours, and an opportunity to identify areas where increased technical cooperation would be beneficial. Since 2004, eight regional workshops were held for the RMCC network:
  • Kuwait 2004: Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
  • Qatar 2005: Supreme Council for the Environment and Natural Reserves
  • Oman 2007: Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment and Water Resources
  • Bahrain 2008: University of Bahrain and the Marine Emergency Mutual Aid Centre
  • Qatar 2010: Qatar University and Qatar Petroleum
  • Jordan 2011: Middle East Scientific Institute for Security (MESIS)
  • Morocco 2012: National Center for Energy Sciences and Nuclear Techniques
  • Jordan 2013: Middle East Scientific Institute for Security (MESIS)
  • Jordan 2014: Middle East Scientific Institute for Security (MESIS)
  • UAE 2015: Khalifa University (KU)


RMCC is a project managed by the Middle East Scientific Institute for Security, based in Amman, Jordan.


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